O.S.S.C.C. Rules


A. The Club provides a canoe trailer, canoes, and certain mandatory equipment (paddles, ropes, bailers and a first-aid kit), but NOT personal gear such as PFDs. The Club also provides voluntary leadership for each scheduled trip, and non-professional training in paddling. The Club offers additional training, in advanced paddling, and water safety instruction by cooperation with other individuals or groups. Training by a professional instructor carries a fee.

B. Responsibility of Members and Guests. All who participate in Club activities must recognize that canoeing is not without risk, and be willing to accept that risk by taking responsibility for their own actions. The Club offers leadership and training by volunteers on a "best efforts" basis only. All who participate in a scheduled Club trip should abide by the following:

1. Arrive at canoe shed at least 30 minutes before departure time
2. Sign in and pay fees immediately as per schedule
3. Have sufficient cash to pay for trip-fees (see posted schedule)
4. Bring your PFD, dry pack, sunscreen, water and food as called for
5. If able, help with loading and unloading canoes and other equipment
6. When possible, provide car-pooling to the destination as required
7. If driving, have sufficient motor-fuel for the trip

C. Trip Schedule. All Club trips are subject to change depending on weather and water conditions. If change or cancellation is necessary, members will be notified by email before 8:00 pm on the day before the trip. Arrival time at the shed is 8:00 am, with departure at 8:30 am.

D. Privacy. In compliance with Federal Privacy Legislation, we expect all members to respect the privacy of others by refraining from revealing, beyond the limits of Club Membership, any contents of Club documents that contains personal information. This applies to Membership Lists, Trip Schedules and any other documents containing names, addresses and telephone numbers.