2017 Canoe Training Schedule

The information below is only for training. Please note, training dates are subject to change due to weather and/or river conditions. Canoe trip schedule will be handed out to the members when completed.


(April) Dry Land Training for New Members:

1 day Monday, April 3 from 1-3pm


(April) Pool Training for New Members:

2 days Tuesday, April 18 and 25


Refresher Course for Experienced Paddlers

1 day May 8 with a rain date of May 10


(May) Beginner On-River Training

2-days May 15 and 18 with rain dates of May 17 and 19


(May) Intermediate Training

2- days May 25 and 28 with rain dates of May 26 and 29. This may be changed to a later date.


To join the OSSCC and to participate in the canoe training contact oldsalts@gmail.com

Training is mandatory for those planning on canoeing and there will be a fee.


Contact Tel: 519-888-7565, e-mail: oldsalts@gmail.com