• The OSSCC canoe season runs from April  to October, but non-canoe social activities are run throughout the year. Annual membership is $50, plus a one-time charge of $7 for a name tag for new members (non-refundable after training starts).  
  • It is mandatory for all new Club members to participate in canoe training offered by the Club to determine skill levels so our Trip leaders can be assured that you have the required abilities for the types of trip you want to participate in.  Training is offered in April and May of each canoe season. See the Canoe Training schedule for more details. Members who do not take training will not be permitted on canoe excursions as safety is a priority for both new and our more experienced paddlers. Training dates are posted early so you can plan your schedule accordingly. You can sign up for training sessions at the Membership Registration meeting.
  • Canoes, paddles, and safety equipment are provided by the club.  If you wish to bring your own canoe to any of our outings, please be aware that the Club takes no responsibility for them. You will still have to participate in shuttling to/from in/out put points on river excursions and pay the trip fee.
  • Canoe outings are held every Tuesday, weather permitting, as outlined in the canoe schedule.  Members meet at the canoe shed for 8:30 a.m. unless told otherwise.  At this time, members are to sign in and pay the trip fee. The trip fee is based on the distance travelled (either $8 or $15) and is payable whether you bring your own canoe or not.  Trip fees cover the cost of transporting the canoes to and from put in and take out locations. Canoe partners will be determined at this point. Car pooling to canoe put in point is strongly encouraged as there may not be adequate parking at either the put in or take out points.  Please remember to share the cost of gas with the driver!
  • OSSCC members may bring a guest to a canoe outing after discussing skill levels with the Trip Leader of the scheduled trip.  The member will be responsible for his/her guest and will be that guest’s partner.  All guests must sign a “Waiver for Non-Members” form. 
  • All canoeists are required to carry a waterproof bag containing a complete change of clothing and a towel.  When in the canoe, all canoeists MUST WEAR A PFD (personal flotation device) that is fastened up when on the water, carry a waterproof whistle and a waterproof flashlight.  None are supplied by the Club.  Also advised are the following items: hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, quick drying clothing, water shoes, raingear, drinking water and lunch.  The Club encourages those who have a cell phone to bring it on outings. 
  • Participants who have known disabilities, can’t swim or have medical problems requiring special needs MUST inform the Trip Leader organizing the trip and make provisions for these prior to Club outings.  The Club carries a basic First Aid kit on all canoe outings. Please read the conditions of membership carefully.




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